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Going online for mutual fund transactions has definite advantages.

  1. Tracking of investment values whenever needed.
  2. Saves time.
  3. Saves paper.
  4. Efficient and less error-prone. No need to issue cheques.
  5. Privacy. No need to share investment details with agents and anyone else.
  6. No service charge, entry load and brokerage.
  7. Do-it-yourself.
Through Direct AMC websites:
Each mutual fund company (AMC) has its own website for online mutual fund transactions and you will have to create separate login for each such site to transact on them.

If you are already an investor into a mutual fund, you can apply for a HPIN which can be used to login and transact online.

There is actually no way to apply fully on-line, directly to the AMC, for the first time investor (who does not have a folio).

The issue with this method is first time you have to do it off-line, secondly you have to fill form and maintain PINs for different AMCs separately (like each one for HDFC, Birla, SBI etc.).

But once you have gone through all this once, life becomes super easy. Whenever you want to apply, just login and apply online using your bank account.

Getting money back also becomes easy. Redemption becomes faster as amount is directly credited back to bank account through NEFT. No tension of cheques and paper work etc.